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Кирило Козлов

Scala Competence Lead & Senior Software Engineer у Wolt

З чим можу допомогти

Here you can find topics we can talk about

For Junior developers:

- Help to review current skills set, find weak places and how they can be improved

- Interview preparation (Backend mostly)

- How to find your first job and get an experience

For people interested in Functional programming (Scala focused):

- Where do I start when I want to learn functional programming

- Why do people like Functional programming

- Discuss modern frameworks (http4s, cats, cats-effects, zio, etc.)

- Discuss modern languages (Typescript, Scala, Elixir, Haskell, Kotlin)

- Can we do FP in Kotlin and Java?

- Interview preparation

For startup founders:

- building an early stage tech-teams

- finding the right people

- organizing workload (work-startup-life balance)

- how to talk with customers

- product prioritization

- markets launch

- MVP, MDP, and product marker fit

- mistakes and lessons learned

- YC startup school

- YC interview preparation

- your startup idea pitch review and feedback

про мене

I am a functional programming enthusiast who builds startups. I have been working as a Scala Engineer since 2014. Gained a wast experience in FE, BE, databases, infrastructure, and scaling services.Created a startup http://codegalaxy.io which failed. Lessons learned.Working on a new one - bitread.app . Not yet live, pre-MVP stage.

про employer branding community

Це спільнота більш ніж 4000 однодумців, причетних до розвитку бренду компанії-роботодавця. Ми об’єдналися, щоб розвивати ринок праці в Україні, задавати нові стандарти в співпраці з працедавцями та створювати можливості для росту спеціалістів із брендингу роботодавця.

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